How to import "recents" projects from 10.5 to 11?

I’ve updated successfully from Cubase 10.5 to 11, and most everything seems to work fine. However, none of my recent projects from 10.5 show up in 11. (“Recents” is empty.) The folder path is identical in both versions, and I can call up needed files manually. But it would be nice to have my old ‘recents’ – does a list of them exist somewhere?


The same topic is discussed here.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Actually, I had already seen that thread before starting this new one…
And so I’ve double, quadruple-checked that the default folder for both versions is the same. And the result is the same: an empty “Recents” window in Cubase 11.

An annoyance, but not a huge problem.
Still it seems that if a “Recents” list exists and is accessible with 10.5, I should be able to access it in 11, right?

Bottom line, does this mean that I have to manually open each file in 11, and have a new “Recents” list generated?