how to import WAV files to match BPM of project?

Hi guys

i just went thru a brand new install on a brand new Imac, of cubase 7.0.6 on 10.8.5

I use Drums on Demand Loops. these are WAV files with NO BPM or data attached to them. for years on different versions of cubase on different mac’s i would just drag them from media bay and they would stretch to fit the BPM of the project. they do not do this now they stay whatever they are in raw form

what is the best way to get WAV files from anyone to drop in and fit the BPM of the project?


There is several ways, most people will just tell you to chop and stretch manually, much like splicing tape back in the day (something I’ve never done), and the timestretch manually also. Listen to the click track to ensure it sounds right.

Else, Ableton is sick for this but Rewire crashes my system almost everytime.

Definition mode method

(usually always a good idea to trim audio to individual sections)
1- In hitpoint mode get your starting hitpoint and ending it point marked (use manual edit). If off beat gives better markers then use the off-beat (snare).
2 - hold ctrl with hitpoint page open then switch to definition (notice the hitpoints stay relevant)
3 - manual edit Definition and drag Set Grid start to your first point.
4 - set your end point grid to your ending hitpoint
5 - switch to Musical Mode (stretch will occur)
6 - snap the audio in Arrange so it is synced up

7.5 adds arranger snap so that will simplify the process a bit more, which would be good. Looking forward to that!

All in all though, I still don’t really like the process as I’ve found it leaves a lot up to the user to still make sure he has a correct hitpoint start, snap, and end setup.

I found that a more automatic approach of finding the downbeats and loop points would be far better for doing generic import of loop-material into Cubase (more like Ableton).

It’s something about finding a ‘average’ hitpoint and loop location rather than just trying to snap to transients which has more likely hood of applying more that necessary stretching (eg. the loop might not sound best with the 1st transient snapped hard to the grid, it might sound better a few ms off).

Set te tempo of the loop in the pool, and enable musical mode.

exactly that