How to imprort full projects on Android 14

How to import a full project with wav on a Android 14 device. I have on a older Android device many projects witch contains a lot of Samples. How can I import the whole projects on my new device

On your old device in cubasis use the “share” function and then share it thru on of the options (file manager or email etc) then you should have a fully baked in “.cbp” file… then oven it to your new device and there you can either double click the file (and it opens/loads in cubasis automatically)or move it the cubasis media bay folder (via a filemanager,easiest way to batch copy) or use the import function in cubasis (just place the cbp file in my documents and the import dialogue will bring you to androids filemanager and you look for the my documents folder <single copy cbp files).

The process is not super hard so i hope i didnt make it seem over complicated.

You can’t copy anything in the Cubasis folder on Android 14 but the cbp file isn’t the problem. The problem are the wav files in the subfolder with the cbp file. Some of my songs have 40 wav files. With older Android versions no problem. I copied the whole song folder. But this didn’t work on Android 14

Hmm understood…
For the folder issue on A14 have a look at this article… if you can get to work then you simply can copy all your old folders unto your new device and place them in cubasis. Which would solve your issues. Only its not working for everybody annd users have said they went to android stores and repairshops but they cant figure out what the problem is…

Thank you

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