How to includ library samples on the "samples and loops" guide?

Hi there guys.

I recently bought a huge library from Samples From Mars.
And this contents comes all organized and separated by librarys of synths and with sub divisions, such as bass, drums etc. And, all of the samples banks comes with their respective pictures from cover.

I’ve made a search on the internet, but I did not find a way to export all that to the guide “samples and loops” on the cubase. Just on the Media Bay.
But, by that way, everything just shows up like on a filer surch, like the Windows Explorer.

What I really want to know, is how I can put this collections on the guide “samples and loops” on a way that they are separated by collections, everyone with their respective pictures (like the steinberg collections already came) and allowind me to filter than by this sub categoris, like drums, fx and etc. Exactly as the originals samples librarys of the cubase.

Thanks to everyone! :smiley: