How to include ASIO driver settings with a projct or templt?

Hey fellow musicians,

I’m hoping one of you can tell me if it’s possible to save 2 distinct templates that use different ASIO drivers? I know that the Steinberg Hub allows for one to save project settings but that doesn’t include the ASIO driver selected. And I know that you can save presets in the VST connections but again that’s separate from the ASIO driver.

I would really like to save a template that opens a project with ASIO Driver A (for example) because I know that my session will be output to context A. And then have a template to open a project that uses ASIO Driver B (for example) for a different output context.

Is this possible, and if so how???

If not, do ASIO driver settings get stored with a project file (.cpr)? This might be the workaround…albeit an inconvenient one.

I don’t think it is possible but it is a great idea. Maybe should be a feature request if no one confirms that it can be done.

Regards. :sunglasses:

but it is a great idea.