How to include Mastering-Setup when saving Audio Montage

Hi folks,

how can I save my Audio Montages (.mon) files so that all the settings I made in the Master sections (effects, dithering etc.) for each Montage will be automatically recalled when I open the Audiomontage again at any later time?

I know that I can define Presets at the bottom of the Master section. But the settings should be loaded automatically when opening a montage. How does this work??
This was quite easy in Wave Lab 6 (by just hitting the button M on the top right of the montage window).


I don’t have an answer for you regarding the global master section but this is exactly why I only use the montage master section for plugins (even dither). Using only the montage master makes everything save perfectly within the montage…no recall, no extra saving.

This is why I don’t know if there is a solution for you in the global master section.

Back in WL7 I had a shortcut to either save or load the master section preset with the montage, so it is possible, I just no longer ever need to do it.

Maybe the montage master section is better for you too, and saves you an extra step of saving and reloading it. I had a hard time with that extra step until the montage master section was added.

Near the bottom of the montage window there is also an icon for both save master section with montage or reload the saved master section settings.

You can also use a key command for these actions.
Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.05.13 PM.png

Thanks for the tip with the icons! Inbetween I found it - in the manual. :unamused:
page 394 in the English manual (for German users rf. page 440 in German manual)
Storing a Master Section Preset in an Audio File or Audio Montage
You can store the current settings of the Master Section along with an audio file or inside an audio montage.

• To store a current setting in the Master Section along with an audio file, in the Audio Files workspace, select Edit > Store Master Section preset along with audio file. The preset is stored in companion files.

• To store a current setting in the Master Section as part of an audio montage, in the Audio Montage workspace, select Edit > Store Master Section preset inside montage.

Yes, I remember that well from the WL7 days but I’m very happy there is the montage master section now.

You can assign your own preferred keyboard shortcuts for the save/load of the global master section plugins and settings.