How to include SDK when building VST host? (using CMake)


I’m very new to both C++ and VST development, and have had the damnedest time just getting a Hello World host application built.

At this point I’m not even trying to include GUI, I just want to successfully load a .vst3 plugin. The issue I’m having is getting


working. I’ve tried a couple different approaches but it just seems like I’m not including the SDK properly. If I use INCLUDEPATH in Qt Creator, I basically end up with a bunch of the SDK internal code not resolving correctly. If I build the SDK and try to add SDK.lib while including the source headers I run into linking problems, and when I try to use CMake to include the SDK in my own project, I get a bunch of either no in source building errors or .sln doesn’t properly compile.

At this point I’m at my wit’s end. Is there a straightforward way to include the SDK for host development? My last ditch effort will be to just try writing the host from inside the samples folder in the SDK, but that seems a little ridiculous, right?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Can you provide more information?