How to Incorporate Oscillator Waveform Selector into Macro?

Hey team, I’m looking for examples of how to incorporate the oscillator wave selectors into my own macros (see screenshot). Not as straight forward as I thought it would be. I would have thought it would be an available gui element in the macro designer but of course that would be too easy :wink:. Anyone have any links to references pointing out how to do this or better yet code examples?


You can create a template that consists of animation and a menu.
Here’s an exported macro page with templates for osc, sub and noise. (65.6 KB)
You can load the xml file as macro page or just use the templates.

Thanks so much misohoza, I really appreciate all the help! I think I have enough to really get my hands dirty. I still have a ways to go to learn everything but I hope I can have something to contribute as well at some point. Cheers my friend!