[HOW TO] Increase Mediabay display list beyond 10,000?

I am wondering if there is a way to increase the display list amount from within Halion 4’s Mediabay beyond the currently set 10,000 limit? I have already reached this limit and can no longer import and save presets for my samples as they don’t get listed despite being saved. How am I to tag and organize these into a library if they are not listed? If I manually search for the name it shows up so I know it is being saved. Cubase’s Mediabay also has a 10,000 default limit, however, an option is available to increase this should the user desire to do so. I see no such option in Halion 4. Please tell me there is a way to increase the limit so I may be able to continue importing and saving my samples as Halion presets. The 10,000 limit should not be an issue as that limit is per view, meaning it is only when it lists all instruments at one time. Once you organize your samples into separate libraries, each directory only has a couple hundred or so, so the limitation no longer counts, but how does one put the freshly imported samples into a library folder if they are no longer listed upon import and save?


Nothing at all Steinberg? Every single thread I start has some real relevance regarding Halion 4 to the user and I never hear a peep back from you guys. Something said is always better than nothing. Is there a way around this and every other limiation? Will it be something being looked at in a future update? Please, speak your mind… :stuck_out_tongue: