How to indicate a "multiple times" repeat

I’m using the latest version of Dorico. The documentation indicates that there is a way to use the simple repeat bar ( :|| ) and then indicate “play three times” (or any multiple of times), however, it is not clear how to enter that. It is easy enough to enter the repeat sign, and enter a simple Text box, and I can live with that. But it would be better if I could enter “play 3 times” and have Dorico play it three times. Is that possible? I see there are Engraving options which seem to apply to this situation, but it is unclear how to create it. Thanks.

Hey Ernie!

You can set it in the properties panel at the bottom!


Like this:

Just like to point out that there is a hard maximum of 50 times, which is limiting in some circumstances. Not clear to me why there is any need for Dorico to force an upper limit.

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Hi Ernie, yes this page in the manual tells you what these are, but at the moment the steps necessary to do this aren’t yet in the Dorico 4 manual as it’s in the Play mode chapter which is still in progress. The equivalent page from the 3.5 manual is here.

Thanks! And thanks for pointing out that it is not yet in the manual. I was thinking I was crazy for not being able to find this! Will the Dorico 4 manual be completed soon? Or should I be consulting the 3.5 manual if I cannot find something in the 4 manual? I was not using Dorico for a while, so I just assumed the 4 manual would be the one to use (?)

In general the Dorico 4 manual is indeed the one to use, but because of the ground-up rewrite of Play mode in Dorico 4, at present the documentation for the new Play mode is not yet complete, so we’re in a slightly awkward situation until that documentation is complete.