How to input easy notes

If you hit Space, Dorico will move the caret by whatever note value is highlighted in the left panel. If that happens to take you beyond the final barline, Dorico will create a new bar.
If you just type the next note, Dorico will create space for it as necessary.

It works !
So adding a number of notes values or a number of bars makes that the caret is jumping to the second bar
Is this intended use of Dorico ?

If you want bar 2 to start with a note, don’t worry about the fact that bar 2 doesn’t yet exist - as soon as you type the note, Dorico will create bar 2.
If you want bar 2 to start with a rest, type the rhythmic value that you want the rest to be, then hit Space. Dorico will not actually create a rest of that value, because Space does not create rests (with the exception of full bars), it just moves the caret forward. Once you’ve got the caret where you want the next note, type the next note and Dorico will sort out the preceding rests for you.

Its not what the tutorial video shows : the caret jumps to the first caret tickmark in bar 2 , while with spacebar the caret jumps to the middle of the bar, and this makes that you must go back to the start of bar 2…or do i miss something?

When you press Space, the caret advances by the rhythmic duration selected in the Notes panel on the left. If a quarter note is selected, it moves forward by a quarter note. If a whole note is selected, it moves forward by a whole note.

Edit: I think the input behaviour in Dorico has slightly changed since this video was uploaded in 2017. Now, Dorico doesn’t automatically add a bar when you reach the end of the last one in the flow. (You can imagine how that isn’t always what you might want!) So, when the caret is at the final barline, you can also think of that as being at the start of the next bar. If you want to input a note at the start of the next bar, just press the relevant key on your keyboard or click on the staff when the caret is at the end of the flow, and the note will be input and the next bar will appear.


Yes, typing a new note value makes it that bar two is filled ( perhaps is this changed in the newe versions of Dorico ?)

I think this is not the right workflow ? : laborious and not intuiative
Adding a new notevalue after the last notevalue in bar 1 , makes it much easier : right ?

It does indeed work differently to the way shown in the tutorial linked near the top of this thread.
“Intuitive” is a really difficult term - it tends to mean “what I’m used to”. The Dorico way of entering notes works absolutely fine, and is consistent, but it may not be what you’re used to at this point.

Intuitive means for me : with minium effort to input notes and symols and i don’t have experience with other notation programs.
Something they have well thought about the userfriendlyness , when developing Dorico seems to me
Well its clear now and hopefully there is no repeat of this ssiue in a another form :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help!

Is clarified now.
Thought using also the <-,-> cursor with this is it possible to go to the next bar

Of course, but the arrow keys will not create bars for you.

I must practising now more with the video further :slight_smile:

I’m glad you cleared that up, because it sounded as though you expected Dorico to work like Finale, and they are not the same.
I can assure you that developing an understanding of how Dorico works is worth the effort…
…and nothing is intuitive (at least not in the same way to different people).