How to input notes using a Keyboard

Hello, everyone

I have Kurzweil SP5-8, and connected this to PC directly via USB port (not to audio interface)

I have Audient ID 14 MK 2 however. The sound of PC comes to speakers connected to Audient

When I ran Dorico Pro and opened a score and focus mouse cursor to some place in the staffs,
and pressed keyboard, I found notes are inserted normally, also I can hear the sound, when I insert
it was so easy

However, when I ran Cubase Pro, I found this Kurzweil is detected normally on the midi port in Studio Setup menu

But however I tried, I couldn’t hear anything from the keyboard
and nothing were inserted on the MIDI track, neither to VST instrument track

So please help me how to solve this issue

Thank you


Add an Instrument Track (HALion Sonic SE). Load a sound. Set the MIDI Input of the track to All MIDI Inputs or Kurzweil input. Enable Record on the track and got Record on the Transport panel. Now you Record the MIDI data to the Instrument track. The Instrument (HALion Sonic SE) generates the sound, which is routed to your Audio Device Output (Stereo Out). Set this up in the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs tab.

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Hello, Martin
Nice to see you again

I will follow as you guide tomorrow
It is midnight here so I will try as you told me, maybe about 20 hours from now.

Thank you so much again and have a great week, Martin
Take care

Hello, Martin
Just before, I just did as you told me
Now I can hear the keyboard sound
however, the notes are not inserted on the score editor

So please help me further
Thank you


Most probably you had the Score Editor opened already. But if you start Recording a new MIDI Part becomes created (if you don’t record to the editor). So you would need to open the newly created MIDI Part in the Score Editor to see the MIDI Notes.

What do you mean by recording a new midi part?

How can I do that?


All MIDI Editors are the MIDI Part based, not the track based. So it could happens, you have multiple MIDI Part above each other.

If you start recording in the Project window (this happens, if you hit the Record in the Transport Bar or Transport Panel), new MIDI Part becomes created and you record to this new MIDI Part.

If you want to record to the already existing MIDI Part, open any of the MIDI Editors and enable the Record in Editor option. Then you have to hit the Record via Key Commands or via any Remote Device (to don’t switch the focus to the Project window). Then you record the MIDI data to the already existing (and opened) MIDI Part.

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Hello, sorry for askings

I created a new midi track
however, whatever I do
if I press the record button on the tranport, about 3~4 seconds later, the track became red
and score proceeds
however if I press keys, sound can be heard but nothing can be seen on the score anyway

I refered to this link

However, still it is not working

Post an image of the inspector so your config can be seen. Post exactly what I have posted below, but from your screen, of course.

Hello, steve
Nice to meet you !
It is midnight here already
Sorry, however, I will post the image tomorrow (about 20 hours from now)
So have a nice day and see you again, Steve
Thank you

Hello, everyone

I just tried again and I found it is working all right
Cubase is recording my playing keyboard successfully

When I used Dorico and Cubase together, the keyboard input was inserted into Dorico, not into Cubase, which was the reason

So now I solve this issue
Thank you, everyone
Have a nice weekend !!

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