How to input solfege?

Other than using the Lyrics tool to enter manually, does Dorico yet have native functionality to add solfege? I see chord symbols in Engraving Options, but I cannot figure out how to get to that part of the program. Many thanks!


Lots of views, but no-one yet is able to answer - lol Thanks in advance, all!

It looks like you have to use lyrics or chord symbols. Type shift-Q to get the chord symbol popover. In Engraving Options there is a section for solfege under Chord Symbols, but I don’t know if that’s really what you’re after. I think the team is working on shape notes, which may be in the next update - not exactly solfege but related.

Please don’t start a new topic on the same subject, particularly when there have been no replies. That’s pretty bad forum etiquette – just as bad as bumping, in my view (and everybody knows what a dim view I take of bumping!).

Anyway… I’m sorry to say that Dorico doesn’t have a dedicated feature for solfège as yet. Lyrics above the staff is probably a pretty good approach to take for the time being, but obviously you’ll have to work it out and input it for yourself.

Dear Jeff,

I’m sorry I could not answer. I just do not understand the question ! In France, solfège is all the theory related to music — reading notes and rhythms, but also analyzing the harmonies, writing intervals, transposing and so on… Well, something quite wide and complicated, actually.
What is it that you mean ?