How to "insert" a few bars of a freely recorded song

Hi - I have a song that was recorded without a tempo track, and a tempo map has been created for it. It starts at bar 10, and the tempo until the start of the song is the default 120 BPM.

After the fact I want to start the song off with 8 bars of a freely recorded tempo. I’ve tried various ways of “inserting” it, squeezing it into the front of the existing song, but it always pushes the existing song forward so it doesn’t start on the right beat, and doesn’t match the Cubase metronome.

I have tried using “Global Copy”, , I think I’m almost there, but does anyone know a good way to do that?

Thanks much -

Project offset??

Without thinking about it too closely, I think I would try doing as follows…
Record your new section somewhere after the end of the current project (so you don’t have to worry about it colliding into the “old” start position), and complete the Tempo Map for that new bit (not forgetting to take into account how it should be leading into the existing section :wink: ).
Then, go to the beginning of the project, set L and R Locators around those 10 empty bars, and Edit menu>Range “Delete Time”.
Now, go to the start of your new section, put L and R Locators around it, and do Edit menu Range>“Global Copy”.
Go back to the start of the project, put the Play Cursor there, and Edit menu>Range>“Paste Time”.
That should do it. All you need to do now is delete the original of the new section, that is still there at the end of your project.

Thank you sir!

I will try that asap I return home … can’t wait!