How to insert measures at the beginning

I tried to insert some measures at the beginning of a score with shift B. The result is quite strange. There are four barlines without space, so that I can´t insert any notes. Am I doing something wrong or is Dorico working like this, which would be very impractical.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-24 um 11.18.15.png

Select the first notes of each stave and turn off the “Starts Voice” property. I don’t know quite why it was turned on in the first place; my guess is that it’s a MusicXML import quirk.

Ah, thanks. That works. Indeed it was a XML-import. But I really can´t understand this behavior. Whats the meaning of “Starts Voice” property? And why are XML-imports interpreted like this?

‘Starts voice’ is used to tell Dorico where a voice starts, so that it knows whether or not it should pad the voice before its first note with rests. By default Dorico tries to maintain the voice structure of the imported MusicXML file, which means that it will set these properties in an effort to try to make the notes and rests match the original MusicXML file. But my personal recommendation would be to switch off these options on the MusicXML Import page of Preferences.