How to insert rhythmic cues

Hi all
Could someone explain how to put in rhythmic cues? I’ve read the manual and can’t quite understand the process. I particularly mean how to insert a notated rhythm appearing above the staff. Thanks

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Create a normal cue (shift-U). Change the property in the lower panel to rhythmic cue.

Sorry, I’m missing something - what do I type in the cue pop-over, and where do I find the Cues panel in the lower panel?

OK I’ve found the Cues properties panel and ticked Rhythmic cue - can you talk me through how to put the rhythmic the notes above the staff? Thanks

  1. click where you want the cue to appear.
  2. shift-U and type the name of the instrument whose cue you want to show (a list of possible instruments may appear, eg if you are wanting a viola cue in a trumpet part, as you start to type Vi… you may see Vibraphone, Violin 1, Violin2, Viola and Violoncello) - select the right one and Enter
  3. The cue sign will appear on the part (you can lengthen it as needed using shift-alt-right). Open the lower properties panel and (since the cue is selected) the cue properties will appear. Toggle the Rhythmic cue switch.

Ok thanks so much - got it. It wasn’t showing up because ‘show cues’ wasn’t selected in Layout options.
Also I noticed it flipped the stems of the notes already in that bar like so, and had to manually force them back down - is that another preference somewhere to be checked?
Rhythmic cues

Normally you would only show cues in parts layouts, not the full score, though you can see them in galley view. In page view you should only see the signpost. There are a lot of settings for the appearance of cues in Engraving Options>Cues.