How to install a third party Logical Editor preset?

I can’t for the life of me figure this out, despite scouring the manual and the web. The file I am looking at has an html tag – do I simply drag and drop that into the presets folder? However, when I do that, it’s not appearing when I open the LE –

If by “html tag” you mean file extension, then you have the wrong file.

It’s .xml

What are you saying exactly? Maybe post the file here so we can see what you mean.

Pardon my ignorance. It’s an xml file; when I click on it, it’s a bunch of text. Anyway, here’s a screen grab of a couple of the files. It’s someone I’m following on Patreon


Hi, not sure what directory you’re dropping to, but here’s the path:
[your Documents Folder]\Steinberg\Cubase\User Presets\Logical Edit

Right. For some reason, after dropping them in that folder, when I open the LE in Cubase, I’m not seeing any of them

Not to belabor things, but this isn’t solved for me yet, for the reason stated above. Im either doing something wrong, or I’m using the wrong preset file.

My Patreon guru will set me straight, and I’ll report back here. Thanks!