How to install and run THE GRAND 2 in Windows 7 64bit

Hopefully this will help someone with the issue I had.
At installation continously appeared a window saying:

“There are other activated processes which disturb the installation process.
Please restart the computer and restart the installation process”

First of all, restart Windows didn´t help.
Also, Halion 4 didn´t recognize the HSB files.

I figured out, that the problem lied in the included (old) elicencer software of the GRand installer.
With the following procedure you can install and run The Grand 2 in Cubase 64 bit.

  1. De-install (temporarily) the elicenser software.
  2. Install The Grand 2, including its elicenser software.
  3. The system might show, no dongle connected, just ignore it.
  4. Re-install recent elicenser software.
  5. Use JBridger to convert it to 64 bit.
  6. Open plugin in Cubase and enjoy!

Tried in Cubase 8 64 bit.

Good luck to all The Grand 2 users.