How To Install Cubase AI 6 On 2012 Mac Mini w/No Drive?

Hey Everyone,

I just purchased a UR28M bundle (includes Cubase AI 6) and I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to install it on my new late 2012 Mac Mini (no optical drive). I’ve skimmed through the forums and the most relevant information I came across was a similar issue with the new Mac Book Pro’s.

In that discussion, people suggested the obvious, “Get an external CD/DVD drive!” Yeah, yeah… I get it, but there’s got to be a way to download the Cubase software onto my Mac without an optical drive, or having to use another Mac alongside my own.

Any helpful ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Get an external CD/DVD drive…


you’d need access to a machine with an optical drive of some kind. Once you have the media in there you can either try to drag and drop the data onto a USB flash stick. If it isn’t dragging and dropping (some kind of copy protection) you could try to rip an ISO of it onto the flash stick with a free ware iso program. Iso buster is very good but not free.

Otherwise if they are networked you can try to share the CD/DVD drive over the network with the Mac. But that can be annoying if its windows sharing with Mac.

I have a mac book air with a similar handicap and i used an external drive…