How to install Cubase e8 without Internet or USB dongle?

I have Cubase E8 installed on my laptop which has Win 8.1 and internet access. I bought a new desktop PC which has Win7, but NO internet access. How can I activate my copy without a physical USB dongle eLicense? (I was never given one with my Cubase disc package.)
There has to be an option to do this, but I cannot find it…
Please help!!


You mean Cubase Elements? Without the USB dongle you will need to connect your desktop to the internet. Once you do that, go to your MySteinberg on either computer and click reactivate, which will deactivate the license being used by your laptop so you can activate it on your desktop. You can only have the license activated on one computer at a time.

If you want to use Cubase on both your laptop and desktop, you should get an USB-eLicenser. This will allow you to use your Cubase license on any computer that has Cubase Elements 8 by just plugging it in.