How to install Cubase Pro 11

Am spent from wrestling with whole eLicenser can of worms.

Thought would attempt to install Cubase 11 Pro upgrade from 10.5 but looks like another can of worms. Help me! [Mental image of human fly caught in spider web]

So I started Download Aaistant and thought would just click on “Cubase Pro 11” then “download” right…? No download button.

Instead, 30GB worth of files all evidently need downloaded in maybe 20 different packages…is that how it is done? [I don’t want to invest that bandwidth and have a 30GB paperweight when done…where is the “setup” utility in all those downloads???]

Or are there other hoops I must jump through before download button will appear with its magical “full/custom” pull-down setting?

Thanks in advance,



Since Cubase 11 the installer changed. You can download every single component individually. No more Full Installer. So open the Cubase Pro 11 folder on the left side of the Steinberg Download Assistant and download all components from the right side, if you want to get Cubase 11 Full. All of these components are part of Cubase Pro 11 license.

Don’t download anything from other folders (but Cubase Pro 11). You would need dedicated license for these other products.

Awesome. How to run setup on it though? What is new process for that? Or do we have to manually create a folder under Program Files, set up permissions, yada yada?

And last question…since I for life of me cannot understand eLicenser. After I get the 11 pro installed, do I have to do something g with eLicenser to move license from old to new? Or does it just work, like one would expect?


Once the file is downloaded, you can Install it from the Steinberg Download Assistant directly. Or you can just double-click the *.exe file from the Downloads/Steinberg/Windows (or Mac) folder.