How to Install Cubase Pro 12 on External Drive?

I’ve downloaded the trial version to see whether I want to purchase an upgrade. I barely used 10.6+ but I want to give it another try.
It automatically installed to my C drive on Windows.
If I purchase, I want to install on an external drive since I use a small laptop with not a whole lot of space.
How can I install everything to an external drive?
Thanks in advance for any help.

In the Download Manager you can specify where to store the downloaded files and The Library Manager will let you relocate the content wherever you like.

The Cubase program itself is not very large and really, really, really wants to be on the system drive. Trying to put it on another drive is asking for trouble.

Thanks for the good advice, much appreciated.
I wish there was a way to adjust the volume of a track without having to open the mixer. A simple volume slider on the track like Studio One.
Hopefully I’m missing something obvious.

There is a Fader Tab in the Track’s Inspector. You can also pin a Tab so it remains open - but I never do that so don’t know how off the top of my head.

Also a lot of folks leave the Track Settings Window open all the time (it changes to reflect the currently selected Track) where you can pretty much access everything related to the Track.

If you’re on a laptop you might consider getting a 2nd monitor to expand your desktop. More screen space really makes things easier. Also take a look at Workspaces to configure your display for different tasks. These can be changed via Key Commands.

Thanks again raino, I appreciate all your help.

I’m trying to purchase now but I’m not seeing the vouchers page where I select the free plugins.