How to install HALION ONE???? Plz HELP!!

Damn it that I can be PISSED. For some strange reason, when I put an instrument track and select HALion ONE as an instrument, I can see no presets at all. OK, I right-clicked the Halion “player” and selected “locate content” but when I point it to the very same folder where I installed - and re-installed twice - the Halion content, IT STILL SHOWS NOTHING!!! No presets whatsoever.

How the hell can be this damn Cubase so darn difficult to use??? Everything that I do seems to go to… whatever the word is, who cares, but I’m damn frustrated struggling with this.

HOW CAN I MAKE HALION ONE SHOW THE “INSTRUMENTS” OR WHATEVER THEY ARE?? Please please help! Steiny has really done the installation so hard the not even my two college degrees seem to help. I guess I have to go study rocket science next. Damn it.

HALion One is only left in C6 for backwards compatibility, if you open an old project containing HOne:s then the correct program loads. But creating a new HOne won’t let you load new programs.
The reason is HSSE, it’s the successor and it allows you to load all programs earlier available in HOne. In my opinion, that’s a good move, HOne was not very useful in comparison.


There is an article in the knowledge base explaining how to get the presets for HALion One in Cubase 6. It only works if you have the Cubase 5 installed presets though. I agree though that HSSE is better and recommend moving on to it.

OK OK OK OK! :slight_smile:

Great. Thanks so much for clearing this out. Everything’s fine now. This forum really rules :slight_smile: Damn I thought that what the HECK I can be doing wrong…