How to install Halion Symphonic Orchestra in Cubase 12 from box set

Greetings all,
I just built a new computer and am now running Windows 11 and Cubase 12. Can anyone tell me how I get Halion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO) to work in Halion 7? Keep in mind I have the old box set of HSO. I have tried copying the content from the DVDs to a flash drive and installing them to a folder in one of my sound bank drives but can’t get it to work. Do I still need my eLicenser plugged in to use it? Do I also need to install the plugin for it to work? If so, how?
I would appreciate any guidance and apologize if this has been answered previously, I did search the forums for a solution but couldn’t find one. Thank you.

Yes, as far as I’m aware you will need your old e:Licenser, I know I do for all my older Halion add ons.
As for the installation, are you saying you don’t have a DVD drive?
Should still work from a USB drive but you will have to run it as though it was a DVD, just copying the files across might not work.

Unless I’m missing something, you shoudn’t need to use your old DVD box set. Here, I have the library installed, but apparently you can download and install it directly from the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA).

In my case, I have it already installed since I got my system, more than three years ago and don’t remember having to use the DVD set. But the SDA keeps on suggesting an ‘installation’, as it is unable to detect what is truely installed from what it isn’t for a given user - never anyone succeeded to explain to me why so, despite heated exchanges about it, even recently…

So, and as @planarchist suggested already, as long as you have the licence on your eLCC key, you should be able to use it. Try to download and install it directly from the SDA, and see how things go from here.

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You can also log a support ticket in MySteinberg and request a download activation code in exchange for the HSO “Collection License” which will allow you to use the new version of the library under Steinberg Licensing, without the eLicenser.

I was able to fix this by uninstalling the HSO and re-installing it.

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Good to know ! But I don’t think it’s worth to uninstall, download and install again a library set that is already working as expected. The download is nearly 7 Gb, which will probably take more or less 2 hours : life is short, letting aside eventual issues during the licence change process…

Noted for other eventual cases, though… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to have to plead total brain freeze…somehow I forgot about the Download Assistant, despite it being the route I must have used to install all my old Steinberg VSTi to my newest PC last year.
This is absolutely the way to go.

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Thank you all for your responses, I really appreciate all the help. There have been some developments:

  1. I noticed HSO in the download assistant, so i downloaded it. It’s only 6Gb.
  2. It now appears in the library manager.
  3. With the eLicencer the HSO library is accessible in Halion 7.

However, the original box version has a 32Gb 24 bit library which is now useless. I guess that’s just the way it has to be now. If i get some cash might upgrade to Iconica but we shall see. Thanks again everyone.

There are other differences as well, but I wouldn’t discard it simply because the samples are no longer 24-bit. Try it (now that you have it) and see what difference you can hear.

Thank you MrSoundman. I have been using HSO for many many years and have used the 16 bit library before. I don’t use orchestral instruments extensively but enough for them to need to sound realistic. I’ll see what happens.

Hi Mr Soundman,

Could you help me logging a support ticket? I click support in MySteinberg and it forces me to contact my local distributor here in Israel. I did that and they said I need to log the ticket directly with Steinberg because they can’t help me. So I guess the question is how do I log a support ticket directly with Steinberg?


Perhaps a Steinberg employee can help? I’m just another regular user.

Thank you sir, I shall continue trying to contact them. It’s a little surprising how difficult that is proving to be. I must be missing something…

The old DVD version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra for Halion 3 is no longer supported, and you should avoid using it. Are you looking to upgrade your license to the new Steinberg Licensing system?

Hello Romantipue_TP,
Yes, I have already installed the HSO library from the SDA and my old eLicense authorization allows me to access the HSO library on Halion 7.
Since my other licenses have now transfered to the PC I was hoping to exchange my HSO eLicense for a download activation code. This would allow me to free up a USB slot as the eLicenser would no longer be required. Do you know how or if I can do that?

Thanks Romantique, thanks to you, Ed was able to provide me a download access code.

Many thanks,


The 24bit library is not useless, given that you accept to use the eLicenser and the HSO license any further. HALion 4 to HALion 7 are capable of registering the old HALion (Player) 3 HSB file format. See here:

best regards
Gerrit Junge

Are the files of the 24-bit HSO usable with HALion though? I don’t think so. IIRC, they only work with the original separate VSTi plugin.

Thank you Gerrit, I have read through much of the Halion 7 manual you linked. On the surface it seems I can copy the 24-Bit HSO VST sound files into a directory, register it in MEDIABAY and it should work. So you say I will still require my eLicenser dongle to use the 24-Bit sounds this way?


When I get time, I’ll try this and let you know if I can get it working.