How to install LS Iris music font

The font have 2 files: LS Iris.json & LSIris.otf.

  • I changed LSIris.otf to LSIris.ttf and put it in the folder: Dorico 3.5/fonts.
  • The j.son-file I put in the metadata-folder together with Bravura etc.

After changing the desired font-name in Engrave/ styles it works fine in the score - BUT the music-notes still are the “old” bravura. And in the Engrave/Music Font I only see Bravura and Petaluma.
What’s wrong?

(By the way. In the IRIS-font the letter b shows wrongly something else.

Why did you do that? Keep the .otf suffix!

Thanks. O.K. I thought all fonts should be *.ttf - I have changed to *.otf again. But still the IRIS-notefont is not available.

Are you on a Mac? If so, double click on the .otf file which will open the fontbook app to install the font in the system. Then restart Dórico and all should be well. (Leave the JSON file where it is.)

If you are on Windows, use system->personalization->fonts and drag/drop the otf file into the box.

The JSON file must be in a folder of the same name, and both names must be the same as the font name. I note that the font’s filename has no space: however, that might not matter if the actual ‘font name’ has a space. You should be able to see the name of the font in another app’s font list.

Most SMuFL music fonts don’t have Alphanumerics, so it’s not surprising that you’re getting weird characters when you use it for text.

I already did that. that. But - Thanks for the advice.

Thank you. I will try that tomorrow.

Any updates to this? I’m having the same issue.

I have no solution. Other fonts than the “automatic” is not important, and I did not have time to go deep in the problem. The LS font is beautiful - and some day …