how to install the update

since the first update is a week to 10 days away (end of nov) it might be a good idea to give us some idea as to how we can acquire and install the update. different developers do it so many different ways and the basics would be good to know now so we aren’t scrambling for any unknowns or questions when it is released.

for instance:
what proof to we need to acquire it or will it be available and only load where presently installed?
do we remove the old version or put it on top of it?
anything none of us are thinking about but we need to know.

You won’t need to prove any kind of ownership in order to download it. I expect it will be available from this page, and you will simply be able to run an updater that will update your existing installation to version 1.0.10.

Will it also be available on disc (for a modest charge!)?

Michael Aves

Why on earth would you want it on disk?

No, the update will not be available on disc, I’m afraid.