How to install VST 2.4 Mac OS X?

I wonder if anyone else might have come across this, and a solution? Many thanks in advance.

I’ve just purchased Groove Agent 4 and the Absolute Collection (PadShop Pro, Halion etc) – all of which are advertised as “VST 2.3, VST 3 or AU host required” (including for OS X in this case). However, there would appear to be no way to install the VST 2.4 components - instead the installer only provides AU and VST3.

From my perspective and intended use, this is necessary for DAWs which do not support VST3 – and, much preferred to use VST 2.4 instead of AU given a need for cross-platform compatibility, e.g.: sessions using VST2 plugs on Ableton Live transfer perfectly between OS X and Win; same for DP8, Reaper, etc.

This would also appear to have come up in various fora across the web, but no real answers there it would appear. Odd. No VST 2.4 installer?

Got a reply from Steinberg: no, the SDK no longer supports VST 2.4. On a mac then, for apps like Ableton Live we need to us AU plugs. Not sure what that means for Win, but apparently now only VST3.