How to install .vstsound files?

On the install CD for Cubase 8 Artist I found a folder with a collection of large files with the file ending .vstsound. Obviously instrument sounds for the VST plugins in Cubase. But I can’t find any information on how to install the sound packs. Can someone tell me how to install them properly?
(When I open the PadShop VST instrument it says “The sample cannot be found. Please install the content pack”. So the vstsound file for this instrument is not installed, probably one of these files that I found.)

reinstall cubase they are installed automatically with the plugins

Okey thanks I’ll try that, but the folder with the vstsound files on the install CD is in the “Additional content” folder so are you sure they are installed automatically?

I had to right click Cubase in the Applications folder and choose show package content, then copy the .vstsound files to the “VST Sound” folder in the Content folder, now they are all there.