How to install WL 7.2 64-bit only on Win 7 x64 from scratch?

Hi Guys,

I just reformatted my DAW from scratch and was about to install WL 7.2, but I’m making this a 100% x64 machine – no 32-bit versions needed or wanted. (Thanks for x64, by the way, PG!) So how do I go about installing JUST the x64 version of WL 7.2 from scratch? If I understand correctly, the download file is an “update” which I assume I need to have the prior WL 32-bit already installed? Can someone correct me on that, or let me know the correct steps to get a pure x64 version of WL 7.2 installed from scratch?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think the download file is an “update”. The license is on your dongle, so I’d install directly from the download, if I were you. You do have to realize that 32-bit plugins won’t work in WL 64-bit, so you might want to consider installing WL7.2 32-bit on the side, for your older projects…

Luck, Arjan

Thanks, that’s what I’ll try. The file is labeled as an “update” so that’s why I was worried that it required a prior WaveLab version to be installed.

And as for 32-bit, I’m pretty much done with it (I hope). The last plugins I needed for the move to full x64 were just released recently, so I think I can make the full transition to pure x64 now. (Hopefully!)

Good point about old 32-bit projects, though, but in this case, for this new machine, I hope I can live without 32-bit. If needed, I can fire up 32-bit WaveLab on my crappy Pro Tools rig. :wink:

You can install both versions on the same machine.

Don’t worry about the term “update”, and just install…

Good to know.



Thanks, will do! Glad to be rid of 32-bit… (hoping that statement doesn’t come back and bite me in the posterior…)