How to invert phase of a track?

I am new to Cubase and just bought Elements 8.

I want to invert the phase of a couple tracks to isolate the vocals and the current layout doesn’t match the videos I’ve seen of previous versions doing this.

If there is an easier way to isolate vocals I would love to hear about that too.


Open MixConsole. In the MixConsole, click Racks, and enable Pre. Open Pre tab, and enable Phase, which becomes orange. The phase of this track is inverted, now.


When I do that and enable Pre the settings I see are High-Cut Low-Cut and Gain.

Can you tell what I’m doing wrong?

Nevermind, I found I just had to drag the pane down a little to see the Phase option.

Thanks, works now.

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Old topic,…still very useful. Thanks Jirsak!