How to italicise part of the project title

Probably an easy enough question, but I can’t find the answer anywhere. So I’ll ask it here.

How do I italicise part of the project title on the first page? As in:

Aria detta la Monica.

Same question for flow titles.

Not an easy question, actually. You’ll need to use a separate Project Info field for the italic word(s), then add the relevant tokens ( {@projectSubtitle@} for instance) into your master pages and/or default flow headings. At the point that you add the token to your heading/master pages, you’ll need to style the token itself as italic.

Thanks! It works.

kim, which composition about La Monica are you referring to?
There must be hundreds, I know Marini and Böddecker so far…


Is there a way to italicise some words in the Project Info dialog? Like in special kind of quotations, such in the example I send.

If not, can we expect a token for it or something in future versions? Thanks!

No, the present solution is as Leo posted above.

No, there’s no way to do this currently. As to whether it’s expected or possible for future versions, I have no idea; I’m merely a user.