How to join movements together

Hi Everyone.
All my pieces so far have been stand alone single movements. I now have several movements that I would like to join together. Like the four movements of s symphony for example. This would be better I think for when the parts are being printed out, to create a sort of book so all the movements are in the correct order in stead of all separate pieces.
So if I have three movements that exist as separate files, how do i join them together to make one piece of music in three movements?

Is there a video to explain this, or something I can read , or can some one give a clear easy to understand description.

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Honestly, your best bet would be to open the file for the second movement, Select All, copy, and paste into a new flow in the 1st movement project file.

You’ll want to make sure your instruments are all listed in the same order.

Hi. Dankreider.
Many thanks for your prompt reply. So when I have copied the second movement and then opened the first movement, how do I create a new flow to past the second movement into. Because so far, everything I have written has only been in one movement I have not thought about flows before.

Many Thanks.

In Setup mode, in the center bottom panel, click the plus bottom on the right side.

Hi DanKreider.
I will give that try.
This is a great forum. such quick responses to queries.

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Dorico can import any other project file as flows into the current project. So open the first ‘movement’ file, and go to File > Import > Flows. Then select each of the other movements in turn.

You’ll get a dialog asking if you want to merge the instruments in the imported flow with the existing ones (which you probably do), or keep them separate.

Many thanks benwiggy.
I will read the help file.

Take care and Stay Safe

Do be aware that any engraving adjustments previously made in the imported files/flows will be lost and need to be redone.

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Hi Dennis_Larson
Many thanks for that warning. I am going to try out the suggestions I have been given on a copy… …Just in case!