How to jump to specific track NUMBER in cubase

Hi All,

Each track in cubase is automatically assinged a number. Is it possible to have a key command, macro, controller, … to automatically jump to a specific track number? With a simple push on a button I would, for example, be able to jump to track 11.

Why? I have a DAW controller (a CC121 and a Console 1 Fader) and I want to be able to quickly jump to a specific track without having to push the bank/channel select button many times.

With the Project Logical Editor I cannot select for track number as
far as I can see. Also generic control does not allow this i think?

But it should be possible I think, since any daw controller like the FADER 1 jumps in sets 8 or 10 tracks through the mix. Perhaps somehow using the MCU/HUI protocol?

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

I assume that you talk about the current track number, counting from the top of the arrangement window, not the name of the track…

There is a “problem” with the Generic Remote configuration that actually gives you this functionality. Assign a control to Mixer - the current track with the number you want - Selected. This will create a control that is bound to the track number, not to the track that is currently occupying that track number.

Hi Guru, thanks. This seems to work perfectly. Will do some more testing.