How to keep events from breaking a multibar rest

In a movement from a passion there are several instruments which don’t play in the last five bars before the Da Capo, but the Da Capo breaks the multibar rest into 4 + 1. I tried notating the Da Capo as plain text but it still broke the rest. I’d like the 5-bar rest but still with the Da Capo right-aligned above the final barline. I couldn’t find a setting for this in Engraving Options, Layout Options, Notation Options or in the Properties Panel. What am I missing?

If the D.C. indication is at the very end of the flow, you might be out of luck for the time being. If it’s not, then you should be able to have it rhythmically positioned in the following bar and then adjusted via Engrave mode.

Thanks, Daniel, but the D.C. is indeed at the end of the flow. D.C.s are, for me, at least, almost invariably at the end of flows. This would seem to be a common situation. How do other users deal with this? I suppose I could create an extra bar, attach the D.C. to it, and then, in Engrave Mode, reduce the width of the redundant bar to a minimum. It would be nice to have a setting for whether or not an item breaks a MB rest.

Yes, indeed, I think it’s clear that in this case the repeat marker shouldn’t break the multi-bar rest.

I’ve just checked this again myself and find that a D.C. al Fine marking at the end of the flow does not break the multi-bar rest. Can you attach the project in which you’re finding this to be the case?

It just has to be attached to the barline at the end of the bar. If it’s any other location, then it will break the multibar rest, but it works fine attached to the barline.


I had system-attached text on the last bar, as well, and this was breaking the MB rest. After deleting this, I was able to attach the D.C. to the final barline and preserve the 5 MB rest in the parts. When I tried attaching the text to the final barline, it created an extra bar at the end and deleting this deleted the text, as well. Apparently one can’t attach text to a barline. I ended up attaching the text to the last bar in a voice which was playing until the end and attaching the text in the parts to the last bar with notes and moving the text block in Engrave Mode.

Don’t use text: use a Repeat object. Shift R, “dcalf”.

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