How to know the current duration

I need to see what the active note duration is, even if I remember what the current selection is I’m more comfortable without seeing the active choice so I’m not entering the wrong value. Sure Ctrl-Z is easy enough but I like to have it actively showing and get it right the first time.


But AFAIK this is the only way to see it requiring the piano roll up - is there another way I’m missing?

It’s also visible in the left zone on both computer and iPad.

Oh of course I forgot, yeah I don’t keep that visible to save screen space. Well would be nice if it could be always visible in the status bar or something.

I programmed keycommands for each grid duration on my numpad, so they are easy to specify. If you can’t see it on your setup, you could assign keycommands so you’re always sure what the grid is set to before you start input.

Thanks @FredGUnn but I’m talking about the entered note duration not grid duration. I should have used different wording.

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I tend to work with the left zone hidden too, for space. As with Sibelius, I get used to keeping the current duration in mind. When I forget, it does no harm to just type it again.