How to launch Cubase ignoring all absent-license plugins? (but not all third-party)

To avoid dongle stress while travelling, I have a Cubase Elements install on my laptop using the soft-elicenser, and likewise a few third-party plugins with licenses stored on the hard drive.

Just in case I want to work on a heavier project on the laptop, I also have Cubase Pro installed, and will move the Steinberg, Waves, and iLok dongles from my main desktop machine to the laptop, when necessary.

How to easily switch between dongle-present and no-dongle mode?
Specifically, how to avoid all those absent-license warnings when laucnhing Cubase Elements, without the dongles?
There is no “ignore all” option I can see. And so I have to click “OK” many many times.

I know I can ctrl-alt-shift at launch, to disable all third-party plugins. But that negates the ones I have local licenses for.

I know I can create a plugin-manager set in CUbase Elements for just my core plugins. But Cubase still seems to scan and warn me about other plugins during launch, for which license are absent, before it implements the plugin-manager set?

I know I can “physically” move plugins in and out of the plugins directory and/or maintain a special VST path for certain plugs , then adjust every time, and/or configure Cubase Pro to use one vst path, and Cubase Elements to use another, and then switch to custom paths everytime a plugin is updated, but that seems arduous and prone to error.

Any better ideas?