How to launch RME TotalMix GUI at startup on a PC

I like to have the RME TotalMix user interface open at system startup & have had it setup that way for ages. But after a system disk failure I had to recreate the setup & it took a bit of fiddling to get the settings right. So I figured I’d post the details here in case others would like to do this too (or alternative motivation so I can find it again when needed).

The trick to having the TotalMix GUI open is to launch TotalMix twice. Over on the RME forums folks are writing scripts to do this. But it can also easily be done using Windows Task Scheduler (imo a very underutilized tool). The screenshots here are for editing an existing Task and will differ a bit from creating a new Task.

First when TotalMix is installed it adds an item in Startup to launch TotalMix. This is what creates the icon in the Tool Tray on the Taskbar. It should look like this by default

That is the first launch & Windows Task Scheduler provides the second. In Task Scheduler use “Create Task…” (not the “Create Basic Task…”) which gives you access to all the settings. I called my new Task “Open TotalMix”

Here are the key settings for the various tabs.


You’ll want the Task to be Triggered at startup. You also may or may-not need to set a delay on the launch, that will be system specific. 30 seconds works for me, but you can start at zero and increase if needed.


And that’s it