How to link mp4 video to a video track?

Hi all,

I must be snow blind or something: I cannot figure out how to let VSTLive know where to look for a video file.
Windows 10, VSTLive Pro, create new project, create new song, create new video track … and then?

Thank you for your help.

actually there is a menu entry missing “Import Video File” which we have added for the next version.
For now, select “TRACKS” view and drag a video file in there.

Thank you for your reply.
I had tried before and tried again just now. Does not work.
OK, I can wait for the update.

What you mean “does not work”? What kind of video file do you attempt to open? The missing entry will not help if drag to TRACKS does not work.

The file: an .mp4 (with video and sound).
First I create a new Video-Track in the TRACKS view.
Then I drag the .mp4 file over the VSTLive window and the “do not park here” sign does not go away. I tried every inch of the window.
Dropping (releasing the mouse button) does not have any effect (apart from no longer dragging the file).
Should I try with other types of video files?


Do you have version 1.0.20 yet? Works fine here. Just drag into empty TRACKS space, no need to even create a track.
mp4 is a container format, which means it can contain anything and everything. Possibly, VST Live has no codec for it and cannot play it. What kind of video is it, maybe try another one?
Oh, and I assume you have the VST Live PRO version? Only the PRO version supports video, sorry.

It worked with all kind of video files in a fresh new project. With and without predefined track.
Then I tried it with adding a track to the demo project: Refused.
Add a song (and thus a part) to the demo project: No luck. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So maybe that is something normal with a demo project. OK, that may be possible.

Because it felt so good the first time, I closed VSTL, restarted (yes: PRO a new project and … boom, didn’t work again.

So, I must have done

  • something that helped
  • or something that blocked
  • or both.

If it works OK at your side I just wait for the next version and then try again.