How to listen to project files with GM notes

I like to listen to a couple of project files in Cubase6.5 and all uses GM sounds.
How do i set this up?
I can use Halion Sonic Se in the GM mode
It make no sense to do all the time a new setup for every new projectfile
Example: i do have 2 projectfiles and want listen to them to hear the differences.
The example files come from the Cubase SX version and it uses also there a GM ssoundmodule

So when i load the different projectfiles…than the halion Sonic Se must be connected there already
How to do this ?

Aloha j,

Your post did not say what gear you are using but on my Mac I would just
render each project to a .aif or.wav file.
That way using ‘QuickLook’ I can go back and forth quickly to
monitor differences right in the Finder.

And if you are using a Windows machine I’m sure there must be a similar feature.

HTH (hope this helps)

I do use Windows with Cubase 6.5 and Halion Sonic SE in GM mode.
I like to see that the projectfiles with GM midi notes every time when i open them they are (automatically )connected with the Halion Sonic SE Vsti.

Now, i do need to connect every time The Halion Sonic Se with a projectfile.
Your solutions means more work : first connecting the Halion Sonic Se and than make a audio file of it