How to load a script?

Hey !

Someone know how to LOAD a preset ?

I can see the downloaded script on my windows MIDI Remote Manager/Scripts but when I press on Edit MIDI Controller Surface it just say ‘‘No connected midi controllers found for this script’’

How can I connect a SCRIPT to my midi controller ?

Thanks !

Hi @FireFab,
This is probably because the author of the script is on a different operating system than you are. With the first maintenance update there will be a fix for that issue. For the time being please send me the script, and send me a screenshot of the Cubase/Studio Setup/MIDI Port Setup with the column for the system port name expanded to see the full name.

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@Jochen_Trappe , I’m sorry, but I didn’t get the answer. I have the same problem as OP…

In my case, I’d like to build over the RealWorldDevice script, that is, I wanna load it as a surface of mine and use this to map my controller. How can I do it?

Hi @guilhermeafonso, that’s not gonna work. Those examples are meant for script coders to understand the API. I just missed to leave them out of the scripts-list. Sorry for the confusion!


Thanks for clearing it out @Jochen_Trappe =)