How to load FXP drum map files in Cubase

Hi everyone

I’m new to music production and Cubase, running Elements 7 on Windows 64.

I’ve brought the below drum kits, the drum maps come as ‘fxp’ cubase files, but when I click on them a blank Cubase session loads…

  • I’ve tried saving them to various locations to try and load them as a preset but they never appear in the list.
  • I understand they are supposed to be coupled with a VST, I’ve tried using the drum map feature in Groove Agent to load them but it looks for a file format of ‘drm’

I’ve checked the version comparison chart and it doesn’t seem to be an artificial limitation of the software…

Can anyone help, thanks

I dont see the import fxp option shown on this , has it moved or been removed?[product]=6

Info on FXP format

this link says ''FXP and .FXB files were replaced by VST 3 presets with the “.vstpreset” extension.

… help! :slight_smile:

look at this link:

fxtractor is a small helper tool for users of the music software products from Steinberg. It allows conversion and interchange of old and new effect- and synth-preset formats.


With the introduction of the Media Bay in Cubase4 and Nuendo4 Steinberg decided to drop support for the old but well established FXB and FXP preset data file formats. While import of plugin presets is still supported (at least one by one) exporting has been removed completely. This was a major annoyance for many people as the lack of FXP and FXB support makes plugin preset exchange with users of other DAWs virtually impossible and backup of presets a PITA. After a very long thread in the german part of the Steinberg user forum the idea for this small tool was born.

What does it do?

Basically FXTractor is a small tool to convert new Vst3 VSTPRESET files to old style Vst2 FXP and FXB files (if possible). Please remember: This tool is totally unsupported from Steinberg. It is a user contribution to the Cubase community written to help other users.