How to load Kontakt sound with NPPE

I can load my BBCSO library and my Synchron library just fine in NPPE, but I am not sure how you load a sample from a Kontakt library. I can’t find anything in the manual. I wonder if someone might give me a tip or two.

I used to load Kontakt sounds via the Play menu and add it via midi, but now shouldn’t it be a different procedure with NPPE?

NPPE currently supports 3 Kontakt based libraries. (Cinematic Studio series / Cinesamples / Nucleus) and the procedure is exactly the same as loading BBCSO and Synchron Prime.

I see, then it is not working for me. For instance, when I select the Cine Piano in Cinesamples, it won’t load the sound. It shows it in place in the template, but it won’t play the sound.

Make sure you have the latest Kontakt version (7.3.2), NPPE only works with that.

Oh I absolutely do have the latest version. I’ll admit it, I’m stumped.

Thank you for trying to help, I do appreciate it.

Can you load it directly in Dorico?

Yes, I use Kontakt all the time in both Dorico and Cubase, so I know it works fine.