How to load new VST Instruments from Best Service into Cubase 12?

I’m only a few days into using Cubase and am enjoying it for the most part. But I require more instruments than those initially offered, so I recently purchased some new ones from Best Service. I got that installed and working in their own player, but now I’m ready to compose and bring these over into Cubase. I’m sure it’s easy once you know what you’re doing, but from all the searches and videos I’ve tried to lookup none of them are really giving me what I need and I have the audio files installed and working with the Best Service player, but I need to get them into Cubase. Can anyone point me in the right direction or a good video or tutorial?

I found this article Cubase VST Plug-in Management | Sweetwater

I followed it and got the folder added to Cubase at the bottom, but I’m not really sure where to select or how to go about selecting the right folder for my new instruments. And when I click refresh, nothing shows up.


You need to install the VST version of the player. Then Cubase have to see/scan the plug-in. So if Best service doesn’t install it to one of the default locations, you have to set the location in the Plug-in Manager.

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I’ve done that circled in blue and clicked the refresh above. But this is my first time and I’m not sure what I’m actually looking for in the folders to load the VST? That is the the root folder and inside there are other folders and a library.xml file.


Don’t point to the library, please. Point to the VST plug-in. I believe even Best service displays the location of the plug-in during the installation. You can maybe even set it.

You are searching either for a *.DLL file (VST 2 plug-in) or better for a *.vst3 file (VST 3 plug-in). I hope the plug-in is VST 2.4 or higher. Cubase doesn’t support the older versions anymore.

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Thank you for that. I found the right folder and added the DLL file, but it’s empty. However, you can see that I have added the library and it’s working in the Engine. I have seen other composers use this same library in Cubase before, so I know it works, but being new to VST and Cubase this is my first time.

I suppose I got it working, I just bring up the plugin by adding it as an instrument. And then from within the plugin, I can navigate to where my new VST instruments are located. Is there a way to get everyone within the same popup window for that plugin without popping up a new window every time within Cubase?

On my downloads page, they have something called I’m thinking this will solve my cluster problem, but I’m not sure where to put the Expression Maps in Cubase? Almost there but still need to figure this one out.


So it was in Cubase already, you just had to add an Instrument Track. OK.

I suppose, you are not talking about VST Instruments, here. You are talking about the libraries. The Best Service Engine is the Instrument here.

If I guess correctly, what do you mean… No, this is not possible. You have to add the Best Service Engine VST Instrument to be able to load the library in it.

Expression Maps are useful, if you want to switch the instruments articulation quickly. Please read the manual.