How to load samples? (I'm using Reaper on Windows)

Can’t drag samples into it (it just adds the file as a separate track). There is no button in the UI to select a sample. I’m using Reaper on Windows.

Not off to a good start.

Hi vladmalik,

good question. The neccessary function may indeed be a bit hard to find:

If you take a closer look at Padshop’s graphical wave form representation window, you’ll probably instantly see those two tiny up/down arrows in the upper right corner. There’s a sample import/load menu behind them, accessible via left mouse click. Drag & Drop would also work, if your sample is being dragged from sources like Media Bay, or from any cut track within Cubase, or taken as a slice from Sample Editor. I can’t describe a similar method as exactly in Reaper, as I’m not familiar with it. Direct import from any Windows folder should work in Reaper, and please tell me, if it doesn’t.

Sample sources can be the following formats (no MP3 though):

However, any encrypted HALion / HALion Sonic or any other samples within any commercial libraries by any other company can’t be imported directly to Padshop, for very understandable reasons.

Support replied. The answer is you have to hit the little arrows in the sample area. For a reason I cannot fathom, someone said “Hey let’s take the most important action, like the thing you have to do first before you can even use the thing, and let’s make it a tiny icon in the corner”.

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Memorizing manuals and exploring aimlessly is not a solution to a user interface problem. FYI On page 11 is a completely different feature: that’s for importing presets. For importing samples, that’s on page 16 and there is no screenshot of that. My issue has already been resolved.


to memorize a technical manual can very well be part of a more professional attitude.
Free exploration is an essential part of the human condition.

Apart from that: you’re correct about the preset loading icon.

Glad that you’ve found your working solution.