how to lock midi notes ?

many times i transpose all midi parts to match singers voice or copy and transpose, as part has arranging, i have problems with tracks like Bass guitars etc… where i use sound FX (slides scratches etc…)usually assigned to upper range note , and when i transpose the all part i don’t want them to be transposed as well, i know i can use range selections tools and functions, but its takes time and every pars can have different ranges etc…would be nice to have “locked” notes so they don’t move when transposing.

Correct me if I am wrong, but, even if this proposed function were available, you’d still have to select each of these notes (or at least, “rubber band” select a pitch range) in order to activate the function for those notes anyways. So, why not do that in any case, then simply extract those notes to a new track, e.g. via the Logical Editor. Then you’d choose to transpose the original track, but not the new one :wink:.

Yes its true… I do it sometimes. But its more lanes or tracks,and it clutters , in “lock” notes
I know i can freely transpose one part and/or select inside the part notes freely Anytime without moving “locked” notes.

O.K. another idea :wink:
Why not do your transposing, using the Logical Editor, and limiting the note range to be transposed
(e.g… Upper section…
Type is ___ Equal ___ Note __ And
Value 1 ___ Lower than ___ 84
(or alternatively… Value 1 ___ Inside Range 24 __ 84 )

Lower section

Value 1 ___ Add (or Subtract) ___ [desired value]

Function = “Transform”

I know I can do the logical editor too… :wink: anyway u confirmed there is no some"hidden" notes lock command For midi notes. The idea was just to set it ones and transpose on a breeze without settings from Le and such…
Another semi related topic while you are here))
How can I tell cubase to show me all tracks having lock activated on them? Didnt find on project editor relevant commands.

For this kind of work I use two MIDI tracks - one with control info the other with the notes to be played, you can select both tracks for simultaneous editing so it’s not as much of a drag as it sounds.

That would certainly be a welcome addition to the PLE. Why not post it in “Feature Requests and Suggestions”? :slight_smile:

i had post topic about it, not sure if in FR or General section… maybe i’ll Make another FR in any case