How to lock tracks for grid displacement?

Sorry if the question is rudimentary, but I’m looking for a way to lock my video and audio tracks together so that once I move one of the locked/synced tracks, all the tracks follow accordingly on the grid.

The only way I can do it is by selecting all the corresponding tracks; but how is it possible to do so without selecting them all?


The only way I can do it is by selecting all the corresponding tracks; but how is it possible to do so without selecting them all?

think about it for a short time,
how would the software know that you trying to do something if you are not telling the software to do so…
all edits are only applied to selected data

if this would be different we had a real mess

given that, you need to find out how to select data (tracks, midi events, video) together automatically

but I’m not sure if this is possible with grouping the data
I think you can only group audio tracks together
it’s worth checking it in the manual

Put all the Tracks you want to keep aligned into a Folder. Then move the combined “Part” shown on the Folder Track.

Thank you for the suggestion, but that is more or less a hack and it doesn’t work in the context of writing to picture (my template has its own structure).

An example would be in Adobe Premiere Pro where audio and video tracks can be linked, so that they always move in sync (positionally).


Then you can’t do it, since that is the mechanism Cubase uses, but if it doesn’t work for you ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I looked at this a bit more and there is another a way to do this if you are willing to link Parts/Events and not Tracks. In the Project Window you can select any MIDI Parts and Audio Events and use Project>Group to link them.

Without having actually looked at it, I’m fairly sure you could use the Project Logical Editor and Macros so you could select all the Tracks you want & run a Macro that Selects all the Parts/Events on those Tracks and Groups them. This basically behaves like the Tracks are linked even though they aren’t.

But if you absolutely need to link the Tracks themselves then using Folders is the only option - in part that’s what they were created to do.

I don’t understand how I didn’t see this before, but going through your post I found that there is a group function in the edit mode. It’s exactly what I was looking for, and in case you group MIDI tracks you can still edit notes by using the active track menu in the piano roll.

And no need for a macro to select all events from multiple track, you can do it from the drop menu + shift.

Much easier than I thought (and how it should be tbh…), thanks a lot!