How to loop a beat

Let me say that this is a very hard program to understand. I cant figure out how to loop a beat. How to get the first few bars to be in time. (Every time I record the timing comes out differnent then the way I recorded it.

I have the cubase 6 power guide book, spent 30 dollars on instructional online video tutorial to no avail. Making beats shouldn’t be this hard.

How do I loop a drum beat or a piano lick, how to punch in punch out?

It really isn’t so hard, that’s the good news.
Tell us, how have you been making your beat to begin with? an instrument track with Groove Agent 1 and a recorded midi track? Or are you using beatdesigner?
Anyway, looping is as easy as selecting the part you want to loop and press ‘p’ on your keyboard. (and there are many other ways of doing it.)
I think you should spend some more time in the manual or those instruction videos you got, the basics should be covered there just fine.

Strophoid, I appreciate your concern.

Yes I use instuement track to record my songs. ANd i can never get the timing right.