How to loop midi (strings or pad with slow attack without repeating the attack)

Hello, I am improvising over 1 chord that’s playing on a string patch. But the patch have a slow attack because it’s a sustain articulation, and I do not want cubase to repeat the note with ever loop because I get this sound cutoff of the slow attack each time the loop repeat.
Even if the slow attack is desired for the full track and the arrangement, while I am improvising is there a way for the midi to loop without re triggering the chord ?



I’m sorry, this is not possible.

I haven’t tried this yet myself and it is a different possible musical approach to the issue, but may experiment with negative track delay?

Another crazy idea might be to program a very loud volume CC7 or expression CC11 at the beginning of the attack phase, an reduce those CC values in the midi loop over the same time that the attack happens.

A 3rd idea is to slap very strong audio compression on the signal, so the soft attack becomes louder.

But the most obvious approach would be to change the envelope of the original pad sound to make the attack much faster.