How to make a drum instrument use "drum editor"?

This is probably a noob question, but I don’t know how to find the answer.

When I create a track with a drum instrument, how do I tell Cubase to use drum editor instead of piano roll?
In the midi editor at the bottom

Make sure that you have selected a drum map for the midi track. Then Cubase should know it is a drum track and will open the drum editor by default, I believe.

How do I “select a drum map”? :wink:

Choose “GM map” in the inspector

Okl I’m gonna go 100% noob and say… what is the inspector?

Might be worth reading through the manual. Back in the day when Cubase came with a printed book style manual, I used to read it many times before bed. It will help a lot knowing your way around the program.

But to answer your question, the inspector is the section in the left zone. There’s things like the general instrument settings, inserts, EQ, sends, etc. It’s almost like the mixer page but only for the selected track.

Hi, click on your drum part on the track in the main window (or create one by drawing one), go to the top toolbar and click midi, the drum editor will be, I think, the third one down, select that and that should bring up your drum editor. You can assign a shortcut to it if you want to.

There is a huuuuuge difference between a noob and an aliterate lazy guy…

Ah yes got it now, thanks.
Yesterday I was hungover after a party. Brain not awake :wink:

Is their any shorcut to choose Gm MAp fora track