How to make a Master Page

I have Dorico Pro 4.3 and would like to create a Master Page as a cover page. In the example videos they use the Master Page template in Engrave mode. I do not have that. How can I create a Master Page now?

If you have Dorico Pro, you do have Engrave mode. It sounds like you have perhaps launched Dorico in Elements or SE. Do you see the Engrave tab at the top left, alongside Setup, Write, Play, and Print?

I see the Engrave tab. I have Dorico Pro, version from 6 december 2022.

Click on the Engrave Tab and you’re in Engrave mode. :wink:

Then in the panel on the right, you can add a new Master Page (now called Page Templates) and design it as you wish.

This video is old but should still be pretty accurate. How to Add a Master Page | Page Layout in Dorico - YouTube

I see what you mean. I have Engrave mode, but not Master Page templates.

So, I have to make my own template. Thank you!

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Master Pages were renamed Page Templates in Dorico 4. It’s part of a company-wide approach to ditch antiquated terminology with unsavoury roots. The functionality remains exactly the same as before; you just need to know that if you’re looking at old videos or documentation you need to look for “Page Templates” wherever “Master Pages” were previously used.